Ultra motivated and always ready for a new challenge!

Danni Capelo (a.k.a. Daniel Capelo) is constantly pushing electronic music production forward to generate a powerful experience that will fulfill your body and soul. A contemporary jazz composer, performer and club music producer that has crafted his own signature sound by mixing up different music genres such as jazz, dub, techno and house. 

Danni’s been making music the most of his life. At the early age of seven, he used to spend countless hours singing and jamming with multi-sound keyboards. At thirteen, he was rocking the electric guitar with his friends, and a couple years later he became the lead guitar of a “punk rock” band. Since 2000 until 2009, Danni was involved in the Ecuadorian “underground scene” developing different music projects related to genres including Ska Punk Rock, Trash Metal, Electro Jazz, dub and Funky House.

Danni is owner of HUMAN ANDROID® (International Club Music Label).

Back in 2016 Danni released 5 records under his label from which he got all artistic freedom creating everything including conceptualization, composition, production, mixing/mastering and visual art (covers and web aesthetics). Just tap on the music links and get a listen to his music. 


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